How we work

Simperium is a small startup with a distributed team of experienced developers. Typically, we work remotely by using a variety of mobile and web apps to stay connected. Working this way fuels our vision. It also demands high levels of independence, intrinsic motivation, and trust.

It's a liberating environment. We work from anywhere, hours are flexible, yet we push aggressively. Backed by great seed investors, including Y Combinator, we're headquartered in San Francisco, where we meet regularly to resynchronize in person.

Who we need

We're on the lookout for multitalented developers who:

  • shine
  • take risks
  • learn continuously
  • write code enthusiastically
  • build things because they love to
  • have already built meaningful things
  • want responsibility for important systems
  • seek great design of bits, pixels, and experience
  • care deeply about improving how people live and work
  • enjoy a variety of programming languages and technologies
  • bring experience with technologies that we might not be using yet

Our tech radar

Python, iOS (Objective-C), Android (Java), JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, App Engine, Riak, Redis, Tornado, Node.js, AWS, Chef, Capistrano, nginx.

Get in touch

If you're excited by the prospect of building apps like Simplenote, and the platform that powers them, email us at Just write a little about what you've done, why it matters, and why Simperium interests you. We like to keep things simple around here.