About Us

Simperium, Inc. is a startup based in San Francisco. We help developers build apps that synchronize content across devices and the web.

We built Simplenote, an app for keeping notes. An early version of our Simperium platform is used by dozens of 3rd-party apps and services to synchronize text with the Simplenote ecosystem. We’re now building the next major version of the Simperium platform.

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In the summer of 2010, we were accepted to the Y Combinator startup accelerator. We founded Simperium to focus on Simplenote and our platform technology.


Mike Johnston

Previously, Mike was a senior designer and programmer at Irrational Games where he worked on numerous games and prototypes for PC and Xbox 360. Before that he built security software at Entrust.

Fred Cheng

Fred hails from Cantaloupe Systems, a venture-backed startup, where he built their infrastructure for wirelessly tracking tens of thousands of vending machines.